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Carl Braun Literacy Award

Every two years, the Carl Braun Literacy Award is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to the promotion of literacy in the province of Alberta. Individuals or groups who have made a difference in the literate lives of children and/or adults are eligible for nomination.

Nominees may be community members such as parents, teachers, members of the media, writers, administrators, literacy organizations, policy makers, teacher educators, or researchers.
They may be involved in such literacy activities as
  • Carrying out educational activities of a social, cultural, economic, or political nature, in which literacy and related literacy activities are included (radio and television programs, publications and press, library programs, and projects for special populations such as the handicapped and the aged).
  • Demonstrating innovative leadership: professional development initiatives at either school or community levels; organization of literacy program; advocacy of literacy; development and use of assessment or instructional materials; special media for aspects of literacy learning or promotion.
  • Conducting literacy research: surveys, investigation of approaches to literacy assessment, or literacy learning and instruction; inventive approaches to changing school or community thinking about literacy; critiques of current practice.
Providing your people the opportunity to help or participate in literacy activities.


1. Complete the nomination form
2. Attach additional documentation
3. Send to Priscilla Beaudry or mail to:
       Priscilla Beaudry
       Mount Pleasant School
       10541 - 60A ave.
       Edmonton, Alberta
       T6H 1K4

       Send by March 17, 2014

Click Here to download a nomination form.


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