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Having Fun with Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type

After reading Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type, students "click clack" their names on a found treasuer, a manual typewriter.

Melvis and Elvis

From the latest collection of poetry from Dennis Lee:

Open this book,
And you will see
A secret path
Called POETRY.

Follow the path,
And you will find
A home for your heart,
And a treat for your mind.

Enjoy Dennis Lee's delightful rhymes and Jeremy Tankard's playful illustrations.

Recommended Titles from November's Session of Pat's Picks

Oliver Jeffers Once Upon an Alphabet

Richard Cole The Boy Who Paints
Wallace Edwards Unnatural Selection
Julie Morstad How to
Barb Rosenstock Noisy Paint Box
Susan Verde The Museum

Jen Bryant The Right Word
Kye Maclear Julia, Child
Margriet Ruurs A Brush Full Of Color

Sangeeta Bhandra Sam’s Bad Temper
Vicki Fraser Dear Bully of Mine
Frances Itani Best Friend Trouble
Shane Koyczan To This Day
Nancy Wilcox Richards We’re All Friends Here
Jacqueline Woodson Each Kindness

Guilia Belloni Anything is possible
Anthony Browne What if
Trudy Ludwick The Invisible Boy
Todd Parr Its Okay to Make Mistakes
Levi Pinfold Black Dog
Patricia Polacco Mr. Wayne’s Masterpiece
Justin Roberts The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade
Lemony Snicket The Dark
Chieri Uegaki Hana Hashimoto Sixth Violin
Judith Voirst And Two Boys Booed
Allan Woo Maggie’s Chopsticks

Graphic Novels
Josh Elder Reading with Pictures
CeCe Bell El Deafo

Dan Bar-El A Fish named Glub
Daniel Beaty Knock Knock
Eliza Wheeler Miss Maples Seeds
Margriet Ruurs Families around the World

First Nations
Earl Einarson The Moccasins
Christy Jordan Fenton When I was Eight
Christy Jordan Fenton Not My Girl
Julie Flett Wild Berries

Just for fun
Joanna Bricknell Mouseton Abbey
BJ Novak The Book With No Pictures
Jim Tobin The Very Inappropriate word

William Joyce The Numberly’s
Kathryn Otoshi Two
Sheldon Ross Shapes in Math and Nature
Masayuki Sebe 100 Hungry Monkeys

Kate DiCamillio The Miraculous Journey of Edward Toulane
Deborah Ellis The Cat at the Wall
Marie Louise Gay Princess Pistachio
Sharon Draper Out of My Mind
Chris Grabenstein Escape from Mr Lemoncello’s library
Lisa Graff Absolutely Almost
Glen Heuser The Elevator Ghost
Jennifer Hahn The Fourteenth Goldfish
Kevin Henkes The year of Billy Miller
Lynda Malloly One Murphy
RJ Polacio Wonder
Jon Scieszka Frank Einstein
Holly Goldberg Sloan Counting by 7s
Teresa Toten Unlikely Hero of room 13B

Peter Carnavas The Children Who Loved Books
Emma Chichester Clark Bears Don’t Read
Per-Henrik Gurth Hockey Opposites
Per-Henrik Gurth First Hockey Words

Michael Morpurgo Where My Wellies Take Me
Michael Rosen The Forever Flowers
David J Smith If
Ashley Spires The Most Magnificent Thing
Herve Tullet Mix it UP
Tammy Yee Baby Honu’s incredible Journey
Scott Forbes How to Make a Planet

Genevieve Cote Starring Me and You
Mary Lyn Rae Stars
Dan Santat Adventures of Beekle
Bob Shea Unicorn
Brigitta Sif Oliver
Brigitta Sif Frances Dean who loved to Dance
Ashley Spires Edies Ensembles
Brandon Stanton Little Humans
Mo Willems Waiting is not easy
Barbara Kerley The world Is Waiting For You

World/War/Social Studies
Paul Fleischman The Matchbox Diary
Brian Floga Locomotive
Linda Grainfield The Road to Afghanistan
Marion Mutala Baba’s Babuska
Gabriela Olmos I dreamt
Anne Marie Owens Our Flag
Elizabeth Mac Leod Bunny the Brave horse

Wordless/ story telling
Aaron Becker Quest
Barbara Botner Miss Brooks Story Nook
Bob Graham How to heal a Broken Wing

Stephanie Aulenback If I wrote a Book About You
Linda Bailey If Kids Ruled the World
Linda Bailey If you Happen to Have a Dinosaur
Marie Louse Gay Any Questions
Nina Laden Once Upon a Memory
Patrick Mc Donnell A Perfectly Mixed Up Story
Kobi Yamada What do you do with an idea

Battle of the Books

This is a terrific way to get kids excited about books. If they read a book they get to vote. The Battle creates critical thinking and promotes empowerment. It can be used in so many ways. Battles can be created with a specific genre, authors, themes etc. You start off with 16 books in total and end up with the ultimate Winner. The pictures below illustrate how it works. It is just like a hockey or soccer tournament. (Idea credited to Andrea Daly at Leo Nickerson Elementary School)

Pat's Picks

By Pat Richardson

The Children Who Loved Books by Peter Carnavas

The story is about a family who reads. They don’t have much else other than books. One day all the books are taken away and the children discover that they need books more than anything

Curricular Connections
     - Power of reading
     - Importance of the library
     - Uses of books
     - What families do together

Once Upon a Memory by Nina Laden

Does a feather remember it was once a bird? Does an ocean remember it was once a drop of rain? Does a flower remember it was once a seed? The book is filled with before and after examples... and wonderful illustrations. At the end of the book are some of the favorite things the author and illustrator remember.

Curricular Connections
     - Memoire: Favorite memories
     - Curiosity
     - Creative writing pattern: poetry
     - Comprehension strategies: Connections text to self, text to text and text to world

The Boy Who Paints by Richard Cole and K. Jane Watt

The boy in the book loves to draw. The story is about a boy’s journey into finding the power of color. It is written by a British Columbia artist and many of the paintings reveal the color and compositions of the land. Amazing beauty!

Curricular Connections
     - Art, painting, color wheel, being an artist
     - Color unit in grade 1
     - Perseverance and following your dreams
     - Grade 5 social studies on British Columbia
     - Descriptive writing, describing the setting and the colors, new names for the colors

Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson

A Coretta Scott King Award book

A new child arrives in class. Maya is not as well dressed as the other girls. No one will play with her. Chloe ignores Maya. The teacher gives a lesson on how a small act of kindness can change the world like the ripples that flow out when a pebble is dropped. Will Chloe have the chance to change or will the opportunity be lost?

Curricular Connections
     - Acts of Kindness Week
     - Beginning of the school year and new students
     - Friendship
     - Boats and Buoyancy

Miss Maple’s Seeds by Eliza Wheeler

A metaphor about teaching

Miss Maple gathers lost seeds and finds a place where they can blossom. When spring comes she sends them off into the world for them to find their own way and their own roots. She finds the hidden potential in all her seeds.

Curricular Connections
     - Metaphors in Grade 6
     - Graduation
     - Plants

How To By Julie by Julie Morstad

Explores the ways of doing a multitude of different things through her simplistic words and illustrations. Includes whimsical ideas such as how to feel a breeze, how to wonder, how to make new friends, and how to wash your socks.

Curricular Connections
     - Creative writing
     - Sequencing
     - Illustrating
     - Poetry writing

Locomotive by Brian Floca

2014 Caldecott Medal Winner

Building of the railroad in the United States in 1869. Details how that railroad was built, the men, the trains that ran on the railroad, the trip across the prairies and through the mountains, the sounds, smells, stops, settlement.

Curricular Connections
     - Social Studies
          - Grade 5 Building the railroad
          - Grade 3 Settlement of the west
     - Word choice
     - Creative writing

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